Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sometimes I Don't Mind

There's something with the way you walk. There's something there that lights a spark inside of me. And it makes me want to sing and makes me forget everything. There's something there inside your eyes. Lets me know you'd never lie. You fill me up and I know what you need. Do you know what you mean to me?

There's something strange, I can't get mad even when you're being bad - just look at me, and I forget everything. I try but I can't be mean. You sit by me and I scratch your back. You lick my hands then I get a rash, but that's okay because we are a team. You make a mess and then I clean it back.

There's something with the way you act makes me laugh when you chase the cats. You chase 'em around. And when it's close to feeding time, you stare at me and whine. You won't lay down, you'll hardly sit. I give you a bath when you smell like shit. But you don't mind and we go out every now and then. And when you're done then we come back in.

Well I watch you sleep sometimes and it feels like the first time. And you're always on my mind. Everyday is like the first day. I talk to you sometimes even though you never talk back. And I buy you things sometimes 'cause I don't mind.

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