Monday, April 5, 2010

Ode To The Lonely Hearted

Please stay away till the end of the night
When nothing's on the run
Please stay away till I can't find
The reason and the fun
Though I've seen all their happiness
I can only be down

These broken dreams are not what they seem
There's so much more than this
I can't see how she wont think now
Of everything we'll miss
All those words that have gone before
May as well have been mine

I know it's a real life story
But there's so little time
I know it's a real nice story
But it seems it defined
These cigarettes weren't really the thing
They're just to ease my mind
I wonder so if she'll ever know
Of all we left behind
Of the 31 dreams we had
31 were my own
Go take your soul make an ode to the lonely hearted

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