Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My lovely band - PARAMORE will come to Malaysia?????


I've read from 1 blog, he said that Paramore will come to Malaysia. This American pop punk band Paramore is set to rock the Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 19. Really??? I'm the person who will go to that concert if it is true. I'm so really fanatic with the band Paramore since revealed. LOL...I've been crushing on Paramore for a long time now and I know you guys excited to be there with me too. Aren't you?

So here I give you the deets:

Venue: National Stadium, Bukit Jalil
Date: 19 October, 8pm
Tickets: RM358 (Rock Zone Free Standing), RM268, RM268, RM98 (free seating).
**10% off for early bird ticket purchases between Sept 1 - Sept 15**

*PARAMORE: Wait for me! Let the flames begin!!!!!


Al-Hafyz said...

i LIKE Paramore also..!!! hopefully i'm free during that time.. hehe

sastraboy said...

hailey! muahahaha!

Shannice said...

Brick by boring brick! hehe.. i like Hailey..

A.B.U said...

hafiz: yeah...paranoid oh

sastraboy: hayley william...luv her so much

shannice: i like them oso

Malek Ku said...

mak aih..memang mantop lah harga tiket..huhu

A.B.U said...

bese2 je tu..kalu artis veteran smpai ade harga 900 tp still gak manusia limpah ruah..haha