Friday, October 8, 2010

Take It or Leave It?


He's gonna let you down.
He's gonna break your back for a chance.
He's gonna steal your friends if he can.
He's gonna win someday.

So last day I said, "just take it or leave it?" Oh, you take it.
Now, I fell off the track. But I can't go back coz I'm not like that.

First you're worried and then you're hurried. Don't you ever think that everything is gonna stay the same. That's impossible! So my bro, before I let you go, let me look at you. Don't you worry coz I will help you.

Please say a prayer and I hope you don't be scared now. I know you don't want that trouble. We might get some. It's troublesome. But don't you worry, my bro. I can help you.

Oh, yes! I know you're still. I notice you. You are a friend of mine.



shatooman said...

kita hanya mampu berkata-kata... hanya sekadar memberi pandangan..
segala perubahan dan kejayaan perlu bermula dari tuan empunya diri...

A.B.U said...

tul3..sokong demo mae